Breeders' Banquet: Dining Out with Kids in SF

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We are the rara aves of San Franciscans in some respects: a one-mom, one-dad, two-kids nuclear family who live, work, and play in the 7×7; however, in one way we are just like almost all other San Franciscans– we love eating out at our city’s amazing proliferation of fabulous restaurants. Managing to satisfy the culinary particularities, physical needs (hello, changing tables!), and attention spans of a preschooler (the Jaybird) and an infant (The Bitz) in a city that’s more PBR-and-Pork-Belly than Milk-and-Mac-&-Cheese can sometimes be challenging, especially for folks who genuinely want the people dining around us to enjoy their meals in relative peace. So we’ve created this blog to review the eating establishments we’ve visited, with the hope of helping other families looking to stretch their culinary horizons beyond Chevy’s and Bucca di Beppo find establishments where everyone– from toddler to teens– can savor the unique flavors of San Francisco.

The Jaybird, the Bitz, and the Doctor

The Jaybird, the Bitz, and the Doctor


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